mbeat actiVIVA OFMB-ACA-LED-U2 LED Desk Lamp with Clock and Calendar



  • . Elegant and executive designed LED lamp for Home or Business
  • . The large LED screen displays clock, calendar and temperature information
  • . Ruberised flexible neck allows for a super wide area of illumination
  • . Touch sensitive control panel with 3 brightness settings
  • .ELEGANT ENERGY : Stylish with a sleek finish:an executive lamp tailored for home-office and businesses
  • .CLOCK/CALENDAR FUNCTION: Large LCD Screen displays temperature, date and time at a glance:waste no time trying to remebeer the details
  • .EYE-FRIENDLY LED : Multiple brightness levels and colour temperatures with non-flickering,power-saving LED:focus on your task longer without eye fatigue
  • .WIDE ILLUMINATION: Ruberised flexible lamp neck gives you perfect positioning for your specific lighting needs
  • .TOUCH SENSITIVE CONTROL: Power on/off, switch modes and adjust brightness levels, all with button-free touch-sensitive controls.

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